Let's Help Those in Need, Together.


The American healthcare system is broken. Approximately 79 million Americans have trouble paying their medical bills. We think we've come up with a way to start helping those who need it most. 

PolarWear has committed itself to buying up to $100 of medical debt from those in need for each item you purchase. That's right - for each item you purchase, you will be wiping away approximately $100 in medical debt from an American in need.

The proceeds from your purchase will help forgive up to $100 in medical debt for those that are crucially in need of relief. The debt is forgiven forever. And they won't face the additional tax burdens that are traditionally associated with paying off debts. 

Initials debt buys will be made through organizations that buy medical debt in large quantities with donor money. Our eventual goal is to be able to buy medical debt as ourselves so we can give our customers a more detailed look at the specific individuals that they have helped during their time of need. 

Let's help those in need, together.