Frequently Asked Questions

What are my shipping costs?

PolarWear shipping is always free for U.S. residents. International customers will pay a rate based on their location that is calculated at checkout. 

How does PolarWear pay off hundreds of dollars of medical debt with my purchase?

This question has to do with the concept of "debt-buying." Hospitals have spreadsheets filled with patients who have yet to pay their bills. Eventually, hospitals decides that they would rather have a fraction of the money owed to them than none at all. To achieve that end, they sell the debt to debt-buyers for pennies on the dollar. (ex. $1 for $100 of debt). The debt-buyers can then demand the full amount from the indebted patients.

PolarWear buys that debt and forgives it. This means that with your purchase, an American in need will receive letter in the mail, letting them know that they no longer have the dark cloud of debt looming over their shoulders. 

Can my purchase help to pay off my medical debt? Can you relieve medical debt for a loved one?

This is not possible at this time. 

Can I donate directly?

Yes, of course. Please check out RIPMedicalDebt, a charity that buys and forgives medical debt with your help.